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At Peace of Mind Detailing, we have worked closely with clients to develop a series of auto detailing packages that cover every part of a vehicle. With packages ranging from a light detail to a comprehensive bumper to bumper solution, Peace of Mind Detailing offers services for all budgets and desired level of detail. Be sure to click the 'Read More' link under each package to see what is included!

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Parked on the side of the street? We can detail it.

Parked in a parking garage? We can detail it.

Parked in a parking lot? You guessed it... we can detail it.

Anywhere else? We will get it done!


No matter the location, Peace of Mind Detailing will have your car looking brand new! We have top of the line equipment that allows us to work without the need of a power or water supply. This affords our clients the peace of mind on an onsite job. You will not have to worry about absconding from your job or duties while we work. We are an independent team of detailing experts who aim to exceed expectations by providing the best mobile detailing services in Central Florida!


Our detailing packages cover a wide array of aspects both on the interior and exterior of the vehicle. From a thorough vacuum and air vent dusting to a complete exterior wash and polish, we are sure to return your car to you in excellent condition.

We work from the inside out. Starting with a thorough vacuum and a general detailing of the most frequently used parts on the interior of the car. If you package opts for it, we then protect these surfaces to ensure that they are adequately protected from daily use. Moving to the exterior, we start with a full wash to remove any loose elements on the vehicle. Going forward from there and if your package opts for it, we provide rim restoration services to fix any curb rash in addition to restoring your headlights to a clear and bright finish. To see more of what is offered in each package please click the 'Read More' link attached to each service.


Peace of Mind aims to exceed expectations and that starts with going above and beyond for our clients. We work hard to have our end product being the cleanest cars in Central Florida. We are a dedicated team of experts who will stand behind each service we complete. Book with us below to see the Peace of Mind difference!

Be sure to browse through our packages to see which one is right for you. For more information on what is included, please click the 'Read More' link beneath the package title. We hope to see you at our next appointment!