POM Detailing Subscription

Our newest offer, a 3 month subscription consisting of 3 appointments. detail With savings of over 25% and a team of fully mobile detailing experts, you cannot go wrong!

Want your car to look good all the time? This is the service for you. With 3 months of this detailing subscription, you enjoy the consistency of excellent service and timely details. This means the next time you want to take your car for a spin it will be looking as good as the first time we detailed it!

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What is included?

Our subscription package is a 3 month subscription of 3 appointments. These include a Peace of Mind Detail as the initial appointment and two 'Full Detail' appointments that  restore your vehicle to the shine of our Peace of Mind Signature Details.

Our Peace of Mind Signature Detail was named as such because it is our bread and butter service. This is what we have been working on the past three years of service. Building our other packages off of the POM Signature. We take pride in our work and are proud to provide this excellent service that we approve and continue to excel at through each appointment. 


The Full Details, month two and three appointments, are just as described. Full Details. We cover the full extent of the interior and exterior to have your car looking as clean as it did when we finished with our initial appointment, the Peace of Mind Signature. We do not cut corners and ensure that each job is done to our high standards. We stand behind each of our details and work hard to provide an excellent package with excellent servicing. Book with us today to see the Peace of Mind difference.


Book our subscription service to save yourself the time and hassle of detailing your own vehicle or contently having to reach our to other detailers. We offer a package with consistent and excellent servicing that affords you the service you are looking for.